For Life

  Choose LifeChoosing Live

They stood there numb. It couldn’t be. Not their son Robert. Not Robert with the dark-brown hair that curled slightly around his temples, just like his dad’s. Not Robert, their energetic firstborn who, at least it seemed, had become a teenager over night.

Yet, now his casket was being lowered into the death. Their Robert was dead. Suicide.

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Before It’s Too LateBefore Its Too Late

You have the right to kill yourself!. That may come to you as surprise. Especially if you’re a Christian and you know the commandments “Thou shalt not kill.” but it shouldn’t be too big a surprise if you understand the character of God. At the very heart of Christianity is the belief that man was created a free moral agent. He has the ability and the responsibility to freely choose the course of his life.

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