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Are_You_Ready_for_LoveAre You Really in Love? I Pete leans closer to Reneé. In a husky voice, he suggestively whispers in her ear. “I know we’ve only just met. But I love you wildly and I’ll do anything for you.” Embracing, they exchange a passionate kissThe music begins. The focus blurs. The scene ends. A commercial interrupts our train of thought. So concludes another episode from a popular soap opera–often referred to as “love in the afternoon.”

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Communicate with MateI don’t understand what has happened to us. Before we were married we had so much to talk about. Now we never talk…

  • What Communication Is
  • The Five Levels of Communication
  • The Conversing Angle of Communication
  • Barriers to Effective Speaking
  • Effective Methods of Speaking
  • Effective Speaking Rules
  • The Listening Angle of Communication
  • Barriers to Effective Listening
  • Effective Methods of Listening
  • Rules for Effective Listening
  • Solving Conflicts
  • When Your Partner Breaks the Rules
  • Intimate Communications
Growing_relationshipSecrets to a Growing RelationshipI never believed that things would become as rotten as they are,” wrote Janice. “The last three years of life have been a nightmare. It seems like I hit rock bottom. I’ve even considered suicide…“It began with my relationship with Jim. I thought I loved him. I felt we had something good going. The more we talked, the closer we got.Continue reading

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