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 7 Secrets of Happy Wives7Secrets-web

Our wedding was meticulously planned and choreographed. It was perfect.

But our marriage? Oops, there was no script for that! Somehow I’d vaguely believed the honeymoon bliss would carry over into day-to-day life.

Several Gary Smalley videotapes later, Barry and I were much the wiser. And as I’ve baby-stepped into being a wife, I’ve kept my years open for bits of wisdom from other happy wives. Really happy wives. Here’s what I’ve found.

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 10 Ways to Love Yourself10Ways

I’ve always been annoyed by a certain TV commercial. In it a lanky blond with shining tresses tosses her head and purrs, “It’s expensive, but I’m worth it.”

Maybe I’m just jealous that this artificial creature has given herself permission to treat herself well while I’m still struggling with the concept. Hey, I make lists a mile long filled with tasks I know I’ll never complete in a month. I continue to run myself ragged when my body screams for sleep.

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 Quiet Times With Godquiet_time

I’ll never forget the look on Deb’s face when I asked it she kept a devotional journal.

I ___” Long pause. ‘I know everyone has one.” Another pause, then a quick, “I guess I’m not normal, because I jut don’t like to write.”

Well, Deb is perfectly normal and in perfectly good company. Millions are born without a love for writing, but writing is not the only way to keep a journal.

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