Bible Studies

Many believe that all they have to do is read the Bible; however, Scripture tells us that we should either STUDY or SEARCH it.

To help you discover the Bible, we have gathered a series of Bible studies, translated into 38 major languages, so that you can study for yourself.

Choose your language, and discover the joy of having the Word of God as your guiding force.

Simple Bible Studies. . .

The Bible Happy Happy Home
The Origin of Sin The Law and Grace
Salvation Jesus
Heaven The Sabbath
Faith Change of Sabbath
Prayer The Seal of God
Oil of the Spirit The Second Coming
Baptism The True Church
Destination of Evil Not Enough Room
The Christian Life God’s Health Plan

Advance Bible Studies. . .

Speaking in Tongues Christian Dress
Forgiveness Victory Over Sin
Morality or Immorality Covered: His Righteousness
Entertainment Guaranteed Security

Sanctuary Studies. . .

– God’s Salvation Model – Jesus Is The Answer
– The System of Sacrifices – The Antichrist / The Beast
– The 2300 Days

Bible Studies For Everyone (38 Major Languages)

Bemba Kiswahili
Burmese 한국어
Българѿки Luganda
Cebuano Malayalam
Chichewa Norsk
繿體中文 Pidgin
Dansk Polski
Deutsch Português
Ελληνικός Română
עברית Serbian
Hungarian Slovakian/Czech
Español South Africa
ٿارسي Suomi
Français Svenska
Ilocano Tagalog
Indonesian ภาษาไทย
Italiano Tonga
日本語 Tswana
Kinyarwanda Vietnamese


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