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“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10)

cfoods-smFoods That Help Fight Cancer While tabloid magazines and television newscasts proclaim so-called miracle cures for cancer, foods that can reduce the risk of cancer are often no farther away than the local supermarket produce section. Continue reading stressStress Management:The Power to Cope In our fast moving society, many find themselves “stressed out,” unfocused and not able to cope.We offer short, easy-to-use segments, that will help you refocus and find hope once again. Continue reading
walking-smWalking: Miracle Medicine All you need are two limbs to walk on, a good pair of walking shoes, and a safe place to walk. Continue reading blood_presure-webWhat You Need to Know About High Blood Pressure In the United States, about one in three adults has elevated blood pressure. Many people do not know that they have a problem, because frequently it can exist for years without any symptoms. Continue reading
 Alcohol-webIs Alcohol Really Good for You?Alcohol is the most frequently abused drug in the world. It is a substance that has been discussed frequently in scientific literature and has been the focus of a large amount of research. Continue reading You Can Stop Smoking Even though tobacco is very addictive, millions of smokers have broken free–for good. You can, too, by taking the following steps. Continue reading
Diet_ExerciseDiet & Exercise: What You Can Do for Type II Diabetes Type II diabetes is becoming more and more common. However, there’s encouraging news on how to manage this disease better if you already have it-and ways to avoid it if you don’t. Continue reading  healing_prayerHealing Power of Prayer Tammy was a physician with latent-stage melanoma (skin cancer). She was receiving chemotherapy. She was hoping that surgery would soon follow her chemotherapy program…In addition to her chemotherapy program, Tammy considered her prayer life to be an integral part of her treatment plan…. Continue reading
Abundant_LivingAbundant Living It was a clear, brisk day. The sun shone brightly along California’s Sierra Nevada. Standing like a jewel in the rugged mountain range, the flat granite summit of Mount Whitney rose against the sky. And climbing on its rocky shoulders was Hulda Crooks, making her way toward the top… Continue reading  Forgiveness-webForgiveness: A Key to Better Health Forgiveness has long laid the foundation for spiritual well-being in the Judeo-Christian tradition. But scientific research now suggest its healing power may extend beyond the sacred realm. Research shows links between forgiveness and physical and mental health. Continue reading

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